Professional Headshots

Invest in yourself: LinkedIn profile, business cards,  or website.

Make a better first impression. You only have one first chance!

Please RSVP to Ron

Headshots are always available at CRN Global

on the 2nd Friday of every monthly meeting.

Schedule: 12:15pm – 1:30pm

 REDUCED COSTS – cash preferred, exact change is appreciated, a receipt will be available!

♦If you are a current Job Seeker: 

$30.00 (cash preferred)


♦If you are Employed:

$50.00 (cash preferred)

(The balance of the $125.00 value is complements of the CRN)

We are offering a unique approach to these Headshots to help YOUR career personality stand out. A natural office setting, professionally staged, to show YOU, while in your career environment.

You may “pick up” your finished Pictures (with unlimited use!) at:

Then select “New Album” if you were part of the most recent shoot (or look in the archives Photo Events by the DATE of your Event)


You can sign-up the day of the event, space allowing.

All guests are also encouraged to add to the photographers Headshot Tip Jar if you can. THANKS!

To help us help you, please bring any props you would use or handle in your Career Role (for example, a clipboard, a briefcase, a notepad, or other career-related items).

We are very fortunate to have Naim Hassan’s professional guidance and unique staging, come ready to show the best you!